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Your Complete Guide To Breast Reduction

If you have naturally large breasts, you know how uncomfortable and even painful this can be. Many patients report this also affects your confidence and physical health, as you may experience back, neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes skin irritations can occur underneath the breast crease, which can be particularly irritating in the warmer months.

Everyday activities, such as jogging, may also be restricted, and even difficult. Finding flattering and clothing which fits well can also prove problematic. Many women report buying larger than necessary sizes to hide their breasts.

At the Eden Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery we understand that it’s important for you to feel confident in your body.

Here’s what happens when you book breast reduction surgery with us:

The Consultation

A session with skilled plastic surgeon Dr Edinburg involves discussing your ideal and desired breast size and shape for your proportions and lifestyle. This is a good time to share any concerns or worries you have about the procedure, or post-operative period. Dr Edinburg will share his 20 years of experience as a specialist in reconstructive surgery to help you make the best decision for you and your body.

The Ideal Candidate

If you have large or asymmetrical breasts then you may consider breast reduction surgery, particularly if you experience any physical or emotional problems due to their size.

The Preparation

We take your surgery seriously. We inform you fully, and give you the tools and time to evaluate what is best for you, before booking your surgery date.

The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery will require you to go under anaesthetic. Before the procedure, Dr Edinburg will mark up your breasts, to indicate where the incisions will be made. During the surgery excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin will be removed, through incisions around the areola and under the breast. Some patients opt for a breast lift as well, if the breasts are very saggy, and the nipple may then be lifted to a higher position. If discussed and appropriate in your case, the areola may be reduced in size. Your surgery will take between two to three hours, and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital.

Procedure: Breast Reduction Surgery – Patient: 22 years old (3 years post op)

The Recovery

Post-operation, your breast area will be bandaged, and you will have a drain on either side, which is usually removed the next morning. Dr Edinburg will visit and liaise with your nursing manager while you are in hospital. We keep in regular contact with you after you leave hospital, and you are always welcome to call us.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll have several check-ups, to ensure that the healing process is continuing well. Within one to two weeks you’ll be able to begin normal activity, although it may take up to four to six weeks for a full recovery.

While all surgeries leave a scar, Dr Edinburg’s extensive and specialist expertise means that you will have access to the most advanced scar minimisation and healing techniques.

If you would like more information on Breast Reduction surgery or would like to book a consultation with Dr Edinburg, please contact The Eden Institute Sydney on (02) 8814 5800.

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