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Wonky Breasts with Dr Mark Edinburg

If you’ve looked at your breasts in the mirror you may have seen and felt that they’re not exactly how you would want or picture them to be. While this is absolutely normal, for some women, surgery may be the answer to achieving your ideal breasts. 

Breast surgeries are the most commonly sought after plastic surgery procedure in Australia. All women have different reasons for looking into having breast surgery. Whether the concern is size, shape, symmetry, the way they hang or how long they hang, Dr Edinburg offers a range of individually-tailored breast surgeries to give you natural-looking, more even breasts.

For some women, these concerns can cause some distress, both emotionally and physically. You may find your bra, swimsuit or gym clothes are not fitting correctly, meaning your breasts may not be supported properly. Some women may also tend to stay away from close-fitting clothing as it may enhance areas they are not comfortable with, causing them to be self-conscious or embarrassed.

Women with insecurities about their breasts may also experience both emotional and physical pain and discomfort when wearing close-fitting clothes.

Unclothed, if a woman is uncomfortable with the way her breasts look, she may feel awkward about being naked in front of another person. This in turn, may affect your ability to have a natural and relaxed sexual relationship with another person.

What you can do

At the Eden Institute, we have a number of breast procedures that our Plastic Surgeon specialises in, such as breast augmentation, reduction and lift. One of these alone, or a combination, can help to change the shape, size and position of the breasts and nipples.

No two patient’s breast shapes and size, body shape and size, lifestyle, is ever the same. So, no two surgeries are ever the same. Your surgical plan is always discussed with you in detail by Dr Edinburg, with options. That way you land up with surgery tailored for your unique situation.


Silicone implants are placed behind the breast, not within the breast tissue. Many women decide to get breast implants in order to increase the size of their breasts, fix the shape, correct uneven or asymmetrical breasts, give the look of more youthful, perky breasts, create better cleavage and also to correct saggy or droopy breasts.

Breast Reduction

If your breasts are causing neck or back pain, or it’s difficult to exercise, find suitable or flattering clothing, then a breast reduction procedure may be a good choice for you. This will usually include some degree of breast lift. Specific details, of course, depend on your size and shape, vary from patient to patient, so your surgery is always tailored for your situation.

Breast lift

Breast Lift Surgery involves lifting and reshaping the breast tissue to improve breast contour and firmness. A woman’s breasts may sit significantly low, particularly after weight loss, breast feeding or pregnancy. If you find that this is affecting your self-esteem or even just your overall appearance, a lift without using breast implants could be recommended. Any excess skin you may have is removed to tighten the surrounding tissue, while the new breast is reshaped and contoured. Or in some cases, your breasts are reshaped and contoured using implants.

Speak to Dr Edinburg for more information and advice on what’s right for you, your breasts and your lifestyle.

If you would like more information on breast surgery or would like to book a consultation with Dr Edinburg please contact The Eden Institute Sydney on (02) 88145800.

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