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We Ask Dr E: The Top Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2019

The end of 2018 is looming and while it is time to reflect on the year gone by, it is also time to look ahead and plan for the future. What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Is there anything about your appearance that’s been bothering you over the past year? Well, here at the Eden Institute, we say ‘New Year, New You!’ Why not start out 2019 on the right foot, visit the Eden Institute and get started on taking the correct steps towards feeling great about yourself for the New Year!

Over the past year we have noticed some trends within the procedures we offer, and Dr Edinburg truly believes these wonderful procedures could be the way to get you on the right track for the year ahead.

1. The Natural Facelift:
As we age, the unavoidable impact of gravity takes its toll, extreme sun exposure and constant frowning due to inevitable stress will very often cause damage to the skin. For anyone feeling as though they look exhausted and aged we would recommend a facelift. There is only so much those anti-ageing creams and treatments can do. You may find, after your consultation and conversation with Dr Edinburg that a Facelift is what you need to give you that kick you need to start the year out on a positive note, feeling youthful and refreshed, ready for whatever 2019 throws at you.

2. CoolSculpting
The Eden institute has unsurprisingly seen a surge in the demand for CoolSculpting over 2018. Who wouldn’t want to shrink that stubborn fat that won’t shift via diet and exercise? To all of those that have been exercising all year long and are not seeing the results you would like, CoolSculpting is the answer for you! And, just an added bonus, there is no surgery and, most importantly, absolutely no downtime or recovery, leaving you with all the time in the world to prepare yourself for the busy year ahead. This is a proven, scientifically researched treatment, developed at Harvard, and available through medical clinics, delivering measurable, documented, proven results.

3. Breast Reduction
Big boobs are not what every woman dreams of – for many, their large breasts cause neck and back pain. As well as this, many women feel uncomfortable in certain styles of clothing and find exercising very difficult due to the added weight on their chest. The effects on women’s confidence is enormous- we see quite remarkable changes in those who choose this surgery. If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable with your breast size, and have been finding yourself envious of all those women with smaller chest sizes, why not make an appointment at the Eden Institute to suss out your options.

4. Tummy Tuck
Year after year, the demand for tummy tucks and ‘mummy makeovers’ continues to rise. A tummy tuck is a very useful procedure if you are looking to re-establish firmness and a sleeker look around your abdominal area. Many patients find themselves with loose abdominal skin, or an ‘apron’ around their middles, after weight gain, with ageing, after childbearing or extreme weight loss, which can often be very difficult to shed even with extreme exercise and dieting.

If you are interested in any of the treatments mentioned above, please give us a call on (02) 8814 5800 to discuss your options and start 2019 on the right foot!

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