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  • This 20-Minute Treatment Will Give You the Glowing Skin of Your Dreams


This 20-Minute Treatment Will Give You the Glowing Skin of Your Dreams

LED therapy wil give you glowing skin

Healite (or LED Therapy) is a revolutionary and award winning treatment that helps revitalise your skin. This device uses low level lights, similar to those used in lasers, to increase circulation, improve skin tone and texture, reduce scars and aid significantly in the healing process.

Although similar to laser, LED therapy is completely pain free, the treatment takes only 18 minutes per session which many find to be very relaxing.

Healite can be used to treat many skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Pre and post-surgical treatments, Healite is used to reduce healing time and down time by 50% in some cases.

What you’ll love about Healite Low Level Light Therapy Treatments

Light based therapies have many proven benefits. They improve circulation and help bring internal nutrients to the particular areas that are being treated, and depending on the settings, they can even increase your skin’s collagen and reduce scar formation. Low level light therapy treatments are even used for sports injuries and post-op healing facilitation.

before and after LED therapy treatment

What’s it like to get a Healite session?

You can get a Healite session as part of a facial or on its own.  When you get a Healite low level light therapy treatment session, you’ll often find it relaxing as well as effective at increasing your skin’s cellular renewal processes and your circulation.

  • Absolutely painless and most people find it warm and relaxing
  • ZERO downtime (a bit of redness that goes away in just a few minutes)

Healite LED therapy treatment

Why you NEED a little Healite in your life:

  • You will have an fresh glow after treatment which is perfect for a special event, night out or an instant skin pick me up.
  • It will improve that overall glow and healthy look to your skin
  • It will improve the dull, lifeless look
  • It will reduce bruising, swelling and healing  down time after a procedure or surgery(we recommend this for most of our cosmetic and reconstructive skin cancer surgeries)
  • It will improve symptoms of skin condition like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis(we will guide you)

Post-Healite Recovery

As noted above, one of the things that is FANTASTIC about Healite is that there is no downtime with a Healite treatment when performed on it’s own. If you use it in conjunction with a separate treatment, the recovery time you need will be more related to the supplemental or separate treatment than to getting Healite Therapy.

How to schedule YOUR Healite treatment

Phone the Eden Institute on 02 8814 5800 or send an enquiry form.

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