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  • The plastic surgeons guide to lip fillers – what you really need to know


The plastic surgeons guide to lip fillers – what you really need to know

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love plump and luscious lips? It’s undeniable, many of us have considered getting lip fillers at least once in our lives, but I’m sure many of you were turned off by those women walking down the street with lips resembling those of a fish, hence the term ‘fish lips’! Here at the Eden Institute, we believe lip enhancement should only naturally enhance the already beautiful features of your face and that the fillers should leave people wondering what you’ve changed and why you look so refreshed and youthful!

According to Dr Edinburg, there are 3 simple steps he recommends in order to ensure every patient is left with the perfect lips that they have always desired.

Firstly, he believes one of the most important steps to the perfect lip fillers is for the patient to understand that everyone requires different types or amounts of fillers. At the Eden Institute we offer a range of different dermal fillers for lip enhancement for this very reason, some of our fillers are much softer than others, some are long lasting and some are not. The purpose of offering all these different options is to allow all our different patients, each with different needs and desires, to have the perfect fillers just for them. Lucky for you, here at The Eden Institute, we are pros at choosing the best dermal fillers for our patients.

As well as there being different types of fillers, there are also different ways of injecting the filler, which is why it’s so important to get your fillers done by an experienced and well trained nurse or doctor. Why not come into the Eden Institute for a one-to-one consultation to meet with one of our trained staff members who can inform you about all the different filler options and which one would work best for you!

Another extremely important factor to consider when getting lip filler that Dr Edinburg always makes sure to chat with patients about is that it is not just about the lips. It’s important to keep in mind all the other parts of your face when considering lip fillers as they can add to the overall affect and in many cases this may result in you no longer needing lip fillers at all. For example, as we age, fine lines and wrinkles occur around the lips, contributing to the look of much thinner lips. By smoothing out this area using dermal fillers and muscle relaxants a more defined lip can be creating, adding to the overall more youthful look.

Finally, it’s important to understand that big lips aren’t always better! Many people believe lip enhancements are only used to make your lips bigger, however, here at the Eden Institute, we choose to rather focus on creating the perfect result for each individual customer, whether it is size, symmetry or any other imperfections our patients may like to change. For example, focusing on creating a more symmetrical lip, in many cases will also involve creating a plumped appearance without being too obvious. We also always consider the individual patients facial structure, existing lips and features when deciding what will suit them best.

For the whole month of February The Eden Institute is offering a special gift for all of those looking to enhance their lips. Love your lips this Valentine’s day. Whether it is to treat yourself of your loved one, why not indulge in some lip filler and for the month of February only, you will receive a complementary ColoreScience Lip shine valued at $39.95.

If you’re considering lip enhancement and are unsure about which filler or treatment option would best suit your needs, contact us on (02) 8814 5800 for an individual consultation to make sure you have all the support you need

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