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The Face That Stops The Nation

The Face That Stops The NationA big occasion requires some planning when it comes to body treatments and skincare. It can take time for your skin and body to recover and rejuvenate after a treatment, which is why we’ve compiled a calendar of our top non-surgical treatments to ensure you’re the best on the field this Melbourne Cup.

4 weeks to go
You’ve got your dream dress and fascinator sorted, but there’s still areas of your body you’d like to trim down before hitting the tracks – we’re talking double chin, armpit bulges or knee fat.

Here at Eden, we recommend CoolMini for all of these problematic areas. Known as the little sister of CoolSculpting, Coolmini banishes stubborn fat which diets just don’t shift. There’s no surgery involved, as the CoolMini applicator can treat small areas of unwanted fat with no downtime.

The Coolmini has been recently developed by FDA and TGA accredited exact same as CoolSculpting, which is the premier fat freezing device worldwide. CoolMini uses a fat-freezing process to target and destroy unwanted fat cells without harming nearby tissue. Your body then works to eliminate these unwanted cells – in just one session you’ll see an average of 20% fat reduction. You may start to see changes to your body as quickly as 4 weeks after your treatment and will experience optimal results after 2 to 3 months.

If it’s just your double chin concerning you, we also have Fat Reduction Injections available at The Eden Institute. We often suggest this treatment in conjunction with CoolMini depending on concern. The treatment is non-surgical and consists of a series of injections that helps break down fat cells and removes them through the body’s own waste systems. The injections contain a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule produced in the body to aid in the absorption of fat.
And we can treat almost any area of fat on your body that concerns you- tummy, back, thighs, arms.

If this sounds like ‘the winning bet’ to you – speak to our Registered Nurses for your bespoke contour plan.

3 weeks to go
If your skin feels or looks dull, dehydrated or problematic, you’re going to want to treat this prior to the big day! For this, we suggest a Medical Grade Microdermabrasion treatment which removes dead skin cells and refines pores, it can even help reduce skin problems and the appearance of fine wrinkles using tiny micro-crystals. Best of all, this treatment is part of our Spring special! We are offering a complementary LED Light Therapy Treatment to everyone who books a Medical Grade Microdermabrasion this spring, saving you $110

Speak to our registered nurses for advice on treatments as best results may be achieved in conjunction with other therapies.

2 weeks to go
Put your best face forward with either anti-wrinkle injections, fillers or lip enhancements, or a combination of all three. Designed to help promote your natural beauty, your skin will look firmer and more youthful and lips plumper. There’s little to no downtime, and your results will be evident before the big day. During your initial consultation, we will examine your facial structure and what injectables would suit you best.

1 week to go
You’ve got one week to go and it’s time to get your glow on with an LED Light Therapy session, which uses Healite II to improve circulation and the overall appearance of your skin. While one session, alongside a mini-facial is ideal before a big event, a group of 10 sessions is recommended for long-lasting and impressive results.

Ready to begin your Melbourne Cup beauty countdown? We’re here to give you a helping hand by offering a complementary LED Light Therapy Treatment to everyone who books a Medical Grade Microdermabrasion this spring, saving you $110.

We have a number of skin treatments available, and because Eden Institute is a Specialist Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have the treatments and expertise to tailor our treatments to any skin type. Give us a call on 8814 5800 to learn more or book a consultation.

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