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The Beauty Boost That Will Change Your Beauty Game

Medical Grade Skincare Eden Institute SydneyPlump it up and get a glowing, soft complexion with the latest innovations in skin boosters.

Eden’s new V2 Injector treatment combines Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants and skin needling.

Great for the face, neck, chest and hands, the V2 injector is a special delivery device that can accurately inject hyaluronic and peptide combination beneath the skin layers while providing the benefits of micro skin needling.

Perfect for any age and any skin type, the V2 Injector injects microdroplets of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants into the superficial layer of the skin leaving you with a beautiful glow and radiant complexion. The skin absorbs these antioxidant like an internal moisturiser meaning the effects improve even over time.

Don’t worry about pain, the high-tech injector works by applying suction to the skin prior to every injection which decreases the sensation, and improves comfort and accuracy.
By combining needling with small deposits of an injectable substance you have the advantage of two treatments in one.

Hands can be treated in as little as 10 minutes and a full face in just 25 minutes.

There is minimal to no downtime as the effects of this treatment can be covered by makeup immediately after treatment. As with all injectable treatments bruising is possible with the V2 treatment in those patients who are susceptible to bruising.
Visible results in can be seen in 10 days.
Eden Skin Booster packages include 3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
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