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Skin Removal After Major Weight Loss – Here’s What You Should Know

skin removal post-weight lossYou’ve shed the weight but you’re left with loose, saggy, excess skin that is still weighing you down.

You’re not alone.

More than 4 out of 5 weight loss patients report problems with excess skin often around the abdomen, upper arms and the inside of the thighs.

But there is hope for a more taut and terrific figure with body contouring surgery to remove that annoying excess skin.

Eden Institute Director and specialist plastic surgery, Dr Edinburg explains the things you need to know about surgery after major weight loss.

  • Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is the surgical reshaping of the body. It can involve removal of excess skin, removal of fat, and repositioning of tissues to form a better contour. Body-contouring surgery is not just one procedure. Depending on your situation, Dr Edinburg may suggest a combination of surgeries to remove your excess skin. These include:

  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) for excess skin and to tighten or repair muscles in the tummy area
  • Lower-body lift to remove skin from the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs,
  • Upper-body lift to remove excess skin from the breasts and back.
  • Thigh lift for sagging skin around the inner and outer thighs.
  • Brachioplasty (arm lift) for the upper arms.
  • Belt lipectomy is a specialist combination surgery which includes abdominoplasty, lower back and lifting of the buttock area.

There’s No Quick Fix

Just like anything in life, post-weight loss surgery is no quick fix. Dr Edinburg will assess your situation and help you decide on the best way to deal with your excess skin. Multiple surgeries may be required to remove your excess skin.

  • Best Candidates For Surgery

The best candidates for post-weight loss surgery are those who have lost weight more than a year ago and their weight is now relatively stable.

Many patients who lose a lot of weight are generally healthier. You might have beaten diabetes type ll or hypertension, given up smoking and you’re eating a good diet and doing some regular exercise.before and after post weight loss surgery

  • What To Expect

While you will look better, there will be scarring but Dr Edinburg always aims to minimise any scarring and conceal scars where possible.

The surgery usually require a hospital stay of one to four days. Recovery time at home is typically two to four weeks.

To book a consultation at our Sydney Hills, Chatswood and Richmond locations, contact us on 8814 5800.

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