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Skin Care That Actually Does What It Says It Will


While a lot of people are concerned with lines, wrinkles and volume loss, when it comes to the ultimate goal clear skin is a must. A clear and radiant complexion makes the world of difference, and leaves us looking fresh and healthy, regardless of any wrinkles or lines. It is for this reason that we suggest using not only regular skincare but cosmeceutical skin care …and here is why.

“What is the difference?” you may ask. Put simply, cosmeceutical is an upgrade from over the counter products (think pharmaceutical/cosmetic). This means that these products have the ability to not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also stimulate and change cells at a deeper level. Unlike regular skincare products they are able to act on the skin’s cellular structure and can penetrate much deeper into the layers of the skin where they can enhance (collagen and elastin) or inhibit (pigmentation) natural activities.

When choosing your skincare, it is important to have the right combination of ingredients such as antioxidants, exfoliants, skin tightening as well as the right concentration of these ingredients. Sometimes we see people with the right products in the wrong amounts or the wrong combinations for what they are trying to achieve. It is important that, as every skin is different, we formulate the best possible combination of products for the best possible outcome for each individual. And you cannot achieve this by buying over-the-counter skincare- simply put, they cannot give you the high concentrations and superior mix of products without appropriate skin consultation and ongoing care. And the ranges in store rarely have proven clinical data to support claims. Non-medical sales people cannot provide these essentials for you.

At Eden Institute, we feel passionately about skincare- good skincare. The ingredients below are some of those proven to change skin, in the right concentrations, mix, and combinations. Prices need not be any higher than you are already paying in a store, as clinics don’t have big stores and the markups required by store selling.

It is really important to remember that what works for your friend may not work for you and at different stages with aging our skincare regime will need to change or be modified to maintain the best results. Why would you buy your skincare from someone who is not fully trained in this highly complex, technical and ever-changing field?

The other thing to remember is that there is no point spending money on cosmetic treatments if you are not going to invest in good quality skin care to maintain your results at home.

In all cases, cosmeceutical skin care will compliment ANY treatments you have and in some cases it will extend the life of your treatments.

Antioxidants reduce free radical damage and inflammation and help counteract cellular damage and collagen destruction.

Vitamin A interacts with the skin cells to function at the optimal level. It increases cellular turnover and stimulates a thickening of the epidermis which also helps in plumping skin while removing pigmentation.

Peptides increase the production of collagen while exfoliants help to shed surface dead cells allowing healthy younger skin to be visible.

To learn more about our medical-grade skincare ranges and what might work well for your skin, contact our team on 02 8814 5800 or fill out an enquiry form.


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