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Post-Summer Skin Dilemmas And How To Fix Them

As the winter months begin, and your tan starts to fade, it’s a good time to use the colder months to give your dry skin a ‘glow-up’. We look at the best treatments available for your needs.

Medical Grade Face Peel

Dilemma: Post-summer it can feel like your skin has been put through its paces, with a few added brown spots and wrinkles added for good measure. Even if you’ve been wearing the highest SPF and keeping your skin covered, the sun, sand and salt water can influence its appearance.

Solution: A medical-grade facial peel works to revitalise the superficial epidermis (the surface of the skin), and the dermis (the deeper layers).

Using the highest-quality medical-grade ingredients, our Specialist Skin Therapists apply the peel, similar to a facial mask, and allows it to get to work for several minutes.

Time needed: A medical-grade facial peel takes around 30-40 minutes. At Eden, we offer a number of different medifacials and peels. We can tailor the specific  treatment to your skin’s needs and downtime of 1-3 days will vary accordingly. You may have some redness and possible peeling a few days after your treatment, again this is dependent on which treatment you and your therapist agree is best for your skin and lifestyle. We will always discuss your skincare routine with you prior to treatment, as there are several products available to ensure you achieve optimum results and afterwards, to help support your new, smoother skin.

V2 Injector

Dilemma: If your skin looks older than you feel, it may be time to give your dry, ageing and damaged skin a boost.

Solution:  Difficult to understand, easy to love this state-of-the-art treatment. A combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and skin needling are all part of the innovative V2 Injector. Using multiple fine needles, microdroplets of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are injected into the superficial layer of the skin (face, chest, hands or neck) giving you a glowing, radiant complexion. The high-tech injector works by applying suction to the skin prior to every injection, which decreases the sensation, and improves comfort and accuracy. The best part? The ingredients continue to work over time, as the V2 triggers the formation of new collagen and elastin, so your skin will continue to exude youth and vitality.

Time needed: Full face treatment takes just 25 minutes, with results evident after just ten days. There is minimal downtime, and any bruising can be covered with makeup. As with all our treatments on offer, we choose together with you, the best options for your skin. There is no point treating your skin with something that’s not appropriate, just because it sounds good.

Skin Needling

Dilemma: Old scars, fine lines, enlarged pores, and dry, lifeless skin can be disheartening. And, as we age, hyperpigmentation can also rear its unattractive head.

Solution: Skin needling treatments, are a non-invasive way to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This means your skin will look and feel smooth, plump, and youthful.

The treatment involves using the a vibrational stamping device, which involves using very small, thin needles to reinvigorate the skin, by infusing the skin with rejuvenating active ingredients.

Time needed: Treatment takes around one hour. You’ll notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance within six weeks. This is not a one-treatment solution, but requires around three treatments, four to six weeks apart. When you meet with your skin therapist at Eden, we will explain what and why we are suggesting each treatment, so that you are a part of every solution.  That way we can use our expertise to assist you achieve your goals.

For more information call us on 02 8814 5800 on send us an enquiry message here.

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