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Our Guide to Naturally Plump Lips

We’ve all seen those women walking around over the past few years with over the top, massively plumped up ‘fish’ or ‘duck’ lips, and while ‘the bigger the better’ look may be what some people are into, here at the Eden Institute we believe natural looking lips are the way to go, and when done correctly, lip fillers and lip enhancements will allow your face to look much more rejuvenated and youthful.

Tip 1: Everyone’s lips require different amounts of filler

One of the most important pieces of information to understand before deciding to get your lips done is that everyone requires different amounts and types of fillers. Just because you love your friends lip fillers and want yours to look just like hers, it is vital to recognise that you may have to take a different route to get the similar result, due to different facial and lip shapes. For example, some of our fillers are softer than others, and some have longer lasting results than others. Here at the Eden Institute, we believe it is very important to offer a wide selection of filler options because we understand that each and every patient has a different desired outcome or anatomy or lifestyle. As well as there being a difference in the fillers themselves, there are also different fillers injection techniques. During your one-on-one consultation at Eden, our highly trained staff will always inform you about all these different options and which ones will suit you best and leave you with the lips you have always desired!

Tip 2: It’s not JUST about the lips

You may not realise, but as you age, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear around the lips, contributing to generally thinner looking lips. Muscle relaxants and dermal fillers will allow you to smooth out this area and will produce much more defined looking lips creating a much more youthful look. Your skin in this area may also benefit from a host of other treatment options available, depending on your circumstance.

Tip 3: BIGGER isn’t always BETTER

Here at the Eden Institute we find that many people time and again believe that lip enhancement is only about making your lips bigger. We are here to let you know, this is not the case. We believe it is much more important to focus on your needs and your individual facial structure. Balance is everything to us, so we often decide to focus on creating more symmetrical lips as it is an effective way to create fuller looking lips without it being too obvious.

If you’re considering lip enhancement and are unsure about which filler or treatment option would best suit your needs, contact us on (02) 8814 5800 for an individual consultation to make sure you have all the support you need.

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