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OFFER ALERT: Autumn Glow Package

Start autumn out on the right foot this March with the help of our Medical Grace Facial Peels. Why not maintain that beautiful summer glow for as long as possible, right? Here at The Eden Institute we have access to a range of different treatments, ranging from entry-level facials all the way through to medical-grade skin treatments. From fruit-acid peels to new-generation vitamin peels or chemical peels for acne, our highly trained specialists are here to assist you in finding the perfect treatment, giving you that little extra boost to your complexion.

Medical-Grade Facial Peels help to improve overall skin texture and tone, reduce breakouts and problem skin, smooth ageing skin, reduce superficial wrinkles and minimise enlarged pores. This practice also aids in improving a range of skin conditions such as large pores, scarring, oily skin, pigmentation, ageing and rosacea by inducing the skin remodelling process and increasing collagen formation. Is there anything else you could really ask for?

The particular chemical peels we use here at The Eden Institute contain organic acids which are used to exfoliate the skin from the inside out. The majority of the peels we specialise in are named after their ingredients such as; mandelic, glycolic and pyruvic peels.

Peels offered here at Eden Institute are applied like a simple facial mask, meaning that they are left on the skin for a number of minutes, while the ingredients get to work and the chemo-exfoliation process begins. The technology we use reduces the amount of trauma caused throughout the procedure which results in minimal, or in many cases, no downtime with maximum improvements in the skin which can be seen as soon as just a day after the peel.

While many salons offer chemical peels, Medical-Grade Facial Peels such as those administered by our cosmetic nurse and skin therapist are of a much stronger concentration and offer effective and safe results that can only be achieved in a specialised medical setting.

Due to the highly combined skilled nature of our specialised cosmetic nurse and skin therapist, we are also able to modify or combine peels, or even use peels in combination with other services (such as Laser Skin Rejuvenation or Microdermabrasion, Skin Boosters or Anti-ageing Skin Treatments) for maximum effect.

To ensure the best possible outcome, Medical-Grade Facial Peels can be further enhanced by preparing your skin with our Medical-Grade Skincare Products in the weeks leading up to your treatment through a tailored program to suit your unique needs, hence, it is vital for patients to come in for a consultation. We may also recommend the use of these products to maintain the effects gained by your peel.

If you’ve been struggling with the appearance of your skin and have been longing for that perfect procedure to refresh and brighten up your complexion, why not give us a call on (02) 8814 5800 and book in for a consultation with our highly trained specialists who will be able to determine the best possible treatment for you.

Even better… for a limited time only The Eden Institute will be offering you a Pack of 3 Facial Peels, a Post-Treatment Calming Product as well as an Aspect Gold Eye Cream for only $450! (Valued at $674)

T&Cs apply. Offer valid until promotional products run out. Product is non-refundable or exchangeable.

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