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Dermafrac – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

DermaFrac Facial skin Rejuvenation is the latest technology in skin rejuvenation that will brighten, tighten and resurface the skin and we have it available for you at Eden Institute Sydney. The machine consists of several modalities that provide the skin a better chance of rejuvenation than just a standard beauty treatment.

How does DermaFrac work?

Dermafrac is an advanced aesthetic treatment used to target a range of skin imperfections. The procedure uses micro-needling infusion therapy (a skin needling machine) using a roller containing 180 superfine needles to stimulate collagen production and promote cell renewal. The advantage of the procedure is that it’s pain free and there’s no downtime – you can even head over to us during your lunch break! It’s recommended that you do around 6 treatments 2 to 4 weeks apart.

What is DermaFrac used for?

At Eden, we recommend Dermafrac to patients concerned about the appearance of anything from wrinkles and fine lines to brown spots and sun damage. The treatment involves Microdermabrasion which resurfaces your skin removing dead skin cells and cleansing the skin leaving it softer and more refined. It can also improve the appearance of open pores, pigmentation, congested skin, dry or dehydrated skin and mild acne scarring. The roller generates the micro channel allowing for a simultaneous mixture of a powerful serum to increase the shock of the needling treatment. Your skin will then heal itself from the inside out leaving you with a glowing complexion with instant results – you can even apply mineral makeup immediately afterwards.

How do I know if DermaFrac is right for me?

Each patient will have a thorough consultation with one of our specialist cosmetic nurses prior to any treatment who will assess their skin and advise on the best course of treatment for their skin type or skin concerns. DermaFrac has been clinically proven to treat a range of skin problems and almost anyone can benefit from the machine, even the most sensitive of skin types. There is a variety of different DermaFrac treatment options and your skin specialist will help you decide what works best for you.

Eden have designed packages to treat all client’s needs, we tailor our skincare to you. DermaFrac can be used in combination with any of our whole host of skin treatments, all of medical grade and scientifically researched, to give you the best, most professional solutions, for your skin concerns.

For best results, our advanced team here at Eden recommends the use of medical grade skincare at home to compliment the treatment.

For more information call us on 02 8814 5800 on send us an enquiry message here.

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