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No particular feature affects your appearance quite like the nose. Cosmetic surgery may seem like a daunting experience when it comes to altering such a prominent feature on your face, but for the right individual, nose shaping surgery can be truly transforming to both your appearance and self-confidence.
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It’s normal for your facial features to lose definition as you age, but rather than let nature and ageing get the better of you, you can enlist the help of these preventive tips and age-defying treatments to restore youthful-looking features.
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Nose Shaping Surgery


Your nose is the defining central characteristic of your face, with its size and shape greatly impacting the way you look. If you feel your nose isn’t doing your face justice, it can severely affect your self-esteem. If this is a consistent concern for you, Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery) can be a viable option to look into.

Size Matters

One of the most common requests I get from patients is that they want a smaller nose. A nose that is too bulbous, has an over-projected tip, a nasal hump or is too large can detract from an otherwise attractive face. Nasal bump reduction is one of our most commonly performed procedures and can result in a dramatic change to a person’s appearance while still maintaining a natural profile.

One Size Does Not Fit All

While there are definitely aspects that make a technically great nose, taking into consideration proportion, balance and symmetry, ultimately there is no one perfect nose. One nose does not fit all and no two noses are alike. It’s essential that your surgery is uniquely and individually tailored to suit your face.

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The nose is often one of the first things you see when you look at someone’s face. As the central defining feature, your nose plays a huge role in determining symmetry and proportion with the rest of your facial features. A disproportionate nose can take away certain balances and harmonies to the face and can also affect the way your profile looks.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery) is a great option to consider if you want to change the way your nose looks. Most patients find that even a small change can make a big difference and boost your self-confidence.


Different patients come to me presenting with different concerns about their nose. One of the most common problems that worries my patients is a bump at the top part of their nasal bridge, which can then produce the appearance of a prominent “hooked” nose that droops downwards.  This patient below (19 Years Old) for example came to see me for this exact concern and wanted to remove the protruding bump on his nose.

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 Eden Institute_Nose Job Surgery Sydney

The thought of undergoing Rhinoplasty or more commonly referred to as Nose Job Surgery can often provoke many internal worries for patients. This is absolutely normal because it is a procedure that requires significant thought prior to going ahead and at Eden Institute. My role is to ensure my patients are well-informed beforehand so that they can make a decision they are completely comfortable with.

Over the past 20 years, I have performed countless Rhinoplasty procedures and I have come to find that most patients have similar concerns during the consultation stage.  Below are three of the top enquiries I get when it comes to Nose Job Surgery…

I’m unsatisfied with my nose but I’m worried surgery will change my appearance completely.

There is a common misperception that undergoing Rhinoplasty will change your entire face to the extent you will be unrecognisable to family and friends. It is important to know that a successful Nose Job Surgery will only seek to enhance your existing beauty by making subtle changes to your nose, ultimately improving but not changing your overall appearance. At the Eden Institute we believe in results that are natural-looking and so when it comes to your nose, my role is to improve its appearance in a way that is harmonious with your other facial features in order to ensure a balanced and proportionate look overall. Final outcomes should be effective and noticeable but not dramatic in that you will be unrecognisable.

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Rhinoplasty or ‘Nose Job’ Surgery is one of the most popular Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures and many patients pursue it for various reasons.

Whilst the cosmetic goal is often perceived to be most prevalent, many patients also look to Rhinoplasty for medical reasons. A condition called Deviated Septum for example, means that people can only breathe through one nostril. Some people are born with this condition whilst others may attain it from an accident. This can be corrected through a procedure called Septoplasty however Rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction for cosmetic correction of any bumps and deformities.

A broken nose is also a common reason behind some patient’s desire to have Nose Job Surgery. Whether it’s through accidents or from playing sports, a broken nose is more common than you think and Rhinoplasty may be appropriate to correct the resulting functional and cosmetic abnormality.

When it comes to cosmetic reasons, a Nose Job procedure can be highly tailored to cater to each patient’s individual needs. Many patients come to Dr Edinburg with a strong desire for a nose that makes their face look more attractive and in balance with their other features.

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Most of the time when we’re looking to have some “work done” we want it to transform our look but only in the most subtle ways. Recently in the news there have been several reports of Hollywood celebrities and their “changing faces”, resulting in an almost unrecognisable look by the public post cosmetic surgery.

There is an art to looking “well-rested and refreshed” without changing your appearance completely. So how do you avoid the typical Hollywood overdone look?

What It Looks Like If You’ve Done Too Much

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Roll on summer and the holiday season – a time of celebration and setting of new year’s resolutions. What better time to consider a refresh to help take you through the summer with confidence.

No two faces are the same and none of us age the same either. But, one thing is for sure – the ability to refresh and rejuvenate either non-surgically, surgically or in combination has never been more accessible to us all with tried, trusted, safe and proven techniques.

Dr Edinburg and his team offer you the very best options for facial rejuvenation targeting fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging and volume loss as well as pigmentation. The extensive range of non-surgical treatments including injectables and laser rejuvenation as well as short surgical procedures are all designed to suit your individual needs.

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When it comes to Facial Rejuvenation and getting that fresh faced look, the devil is in the details – subtle enhancements that refresh your face without looking like you’ve ‘had work done’.  From Hollywood starlets to the everyday woman on the trot, we’re seeing a trend that embraces enhancing your look rather than changing it.

Many people tend to shy away from the thought of Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxers out of fear of ending up with frozen expressions and over plumped lips. However, with the right surgeon, you can tailor your treatments/procedures to give you subtle, natural looking results.

At Eden Institute, we are starting to see more and more patients coming in, requesting subtle changes to their appearance without the shock factor. Delivering natural-looking results is something we take pride in and a philosophy we apply to every procedure.

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Earlier this week, we looked at some common Plastic Surgery myths and divulged the truth on some popular beliefs. Today we look into debunking some more for you!


Plastic Surgery is only for the rich and famous.


Plastic Surgery is definitely no longer an option only reserved for celebrities and the super wealthy. Plastic Surgeons today offer a wide range of procedures and treatments that help people achieve a younger-looking appearance – the days of only famous people accessing these treatments are long gone. Today our surgery is filled with people like you and me, and the range of procedures available, both surgical and non-surgical are affordable at many different levels. Additionally, some procedures qualify for Medicare and Health Fund Rebates. However that is not to say that looking for a bargain should be your priority – selecting an experienced and highly qualified Plastic Surgeon is key to ensuring optimal and safe outcomes. Remember – we often get what we pay for.
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