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Tummy Tuck Surgery for  Body ContouringThe Eden Institute will support the fight to have the Medicare rebate on abdominoplasty reinstated.

Earlier this year, the Department of Health removed the ability for people to claim costs for a ‘tummy tuck’ unless the person has experienced massive weight loss. Even in these cases there will be extremely difficult criteria.

The Eden Institute is supporting a petition to the Australian Health Minister, Sussan Ley to revoke the ruling.

Dr Mark Edinburg said the changes to the Medicare rebate are most likely to affect women who have suffered muscle tears and stretching after childbirth.

Dr Edinburg believes damaged abdominal muscles are a serious and ongoing health issue for many women.

“Many woman experience huge stretching of the muscles and often experience herniation of the abdominal walls,” Dr Edinburg said.

“This leaves them in danger of lower back pain, stress incontinence and many other health issues.

“In many cases, abdominoplasty is not merely a cosmetic issue. It is a very real health issue that should be supported by Medicare.”

Support the fight to have the rebate reinstated signing the online petition click here.

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