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Ask Dr Edinburg – How Can I Protect My Skin This Summer?

Sun protectionHow should I be protecting my skin, what products would you recommend?

Everybody should wear sun protection every day, even in winter, as part of their five-point plan in protecting skin against skin cancers. Did you know that more than 1,700 cases of melanoma and 14,190 squamous cell carcinomas (a common non-melanoma skin cancer) were prevented by long-term sunscreen use (Cancer Council Australia ).
Eden MediSpa offers you many innovative products purely for sun protection or combining sun protection with everyday skincare creams.

What’s the difference chemical and physical sunscreens?
Most people don’t realise that not all sunscreens are equal, and we are not just referring to the SPF factor. Physical sun block reflects the sun’s rays; chemical sunblock is absorbed into your skin. Which one are you using? And what other ingredients are in your current sunblock that are good, or not good, for your skin? Talk to us about your skin’s needs, and which sunscreen best suits your skin type, lifestyle and ongoing skin concerns.

Our most popular sun protection products are Aspect Gold Envirostat (body and face), Aspect Gold Hydra Shied(a daytime hydrating SPF lotion) and Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum(a pigment inhibitor)- talk to our specialist therapists
Our Colorescience Mineral Makeup is a great way to get great coverage, as well as protecting your skin from sun damage. The professionally-formulated range of mineral powders, creme foundations and lip glosses have high SPF. Not all mineral makeups on the market are equal. Talk to us!

What treatments can help with sun damage?
If your skin is showing signs of sun damage, with fine wrinkles, pigmentation or uneven skin tone, there are options available. Laser skin rejuvenation(not all lasers are equal), medical grade microdermabrasion (not all are equal) and medical-grade facial peels(not all are equal) are just some of the treatments that are ideal to help rejuvenation sun damaged skin.

How often should I have my skin checked?
Ideally, have your skin (all over, not just your face) checked at least once a year, although you may need more regular check-ups according to your skin type.
Should I have a deeper issue, what does skin cancer removal involve?
If your specialist has diagnosed a skin cancer, you will be booked in for a removal. Either under local anesthetic in our surgery, or in hospital. Reconstruction may be small, or extensive, and Dr Edinburg will discuss with you the options available for safe removal of any skin lesion, benign or malignant, and Specialist techniques for the best aesthetic outcomes

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