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Monthly Archives: April 2017


Are you struggling to lose those stubborn pockets of fat?

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Large, heavy breasts can not only be embarrassing and affect your confidence, but their weight can result in a number of health issues, including neck and back pain, limitation of activities and skin chafing and rashes. Many women suffering from the discomfort of overly large breasts opt for breast reduction surgery, however the cost can be a limiting factor.

Dr Mark Edinburg, Medical Director at the Eden Institute in Sydney, is a highly regarded plastic surgeon and expert in breast reduction procedures. He provides thorough consultations and assessments with each client to ensure all concerns are addressed, while simultaneously aiming to achieve the most natural look possible. Although the surgical procedure is quite expensive, he will discuss Medicare and health fund rebates that may be applicable to you, with the goal of minimising your out-of-pocket expenses.

With the proper organisation of your finances, you can obtain the highest rebate possible.

Here are some financial tips and considerations:

  • There are numerous medical loan facilities available. However, patients more commonly make arrangements with their plastic surgery specialist directly.
  • Private health insurance policies cover plastic surgery for breast reduction and will provide a rebate for the costs of the procedure (depending on the health cover level). Rather than make assumptions about your cover, find out exactly what your insurance covers by reading the health insurance policy, cross referencing with the Medicare Item Number or simply calling and asking your health insurance company directly. If you are looking to join a new private health insurance company, it is recommended that you compare funds through the private health government website. Note that most funds make their clients wait 12 months after becoming a member before covering costs.
  • There is always a gap payment. Even though health funds will cover your hospital stay (worth a few thousand dollars) and health funds plus Medicare will rebate some money for your plastic surgeon and anaesthetist, there is always a gap for these fees.
  • Another method is by accessing your superannuation funds under exceptional circumstances under “compassionate grounds” including procedures for the treatment of chronic pain.

If you would like more information on Breast Reduction or would like to book a consultation with Dr Edinburg, please contact The Eden Institute on (02) 8814 5800.


It’s normal for your facial features to lose definition as you age, but rather than let nature and ageing get the better of you, you can enlist the help of these preventive tips and age-defying treatments to restore youthful-looking features. Continue reading


Male Facelift

Stepping up to the sink in the morning, you wonder when your beard turned so gray. As you peer into the mirror, you notice the fine lines around your mouth are growing deeper. Your spouse walks by and asks what you’re so mad about but it’s just the pronounced furrow in your brow that makes her wonder. Adding to this are sagging cheeks and under-eye bags, which make you look tired and, quite frankly, old. It didn’t use to be this way! Continue reading