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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing

The world of anti-ageing treatment is progressing every day, and the latest advances in laser technology are proof of this.

Skin-ageing is an inevitable part of life, but one that we can slow down, if treated correctly.

However, as more and more people start addressing their ageing concerns earlier in life, the less these people want to turn to ‘aggressive’ treatments to reverse the signs of ageing.

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Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it the official end of the holiday months!

After the silly season, New Year, summer holidays and many afternoon barbeques by the beach, it’s no wonder that many of us are entering the colder months and finding our jeans somewhat tighter than they were last year.

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Cosmetic Injections for Reducing Fine Lines

Fine lines can begin to appear as early as our twenties, and can create a ‘tired’ look, ageing us beyond our years.

However, many of us do not need, or are not ready to commit or even consider a surgical option such as a facelift.

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Reconstructive Surgery for Skin Cancer

In Australia, we all enjoy the benefits of some fun in the sun, and can look back on fun memories and holidays spent soaking up the sun by the beach.

Unfortunately, this time spent in the sun will catch up with many of us eventually. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

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 Best Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

The sun can have harsh effects on your skin, especially here in Australia, where we are notorious for having some of the harshest UV exposure in the world.

Sun damage can come in many forms, from pigmentation to dark spots and even wrinkles. With the cooler months approaching, now is the best time to repair the damage from your summer holiday!

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