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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Face Lifts for Wrinkles and Fine linesMost people think fine lines and wrinkles are the only signs of aging. However, they don’t realise that there are other tell-tale signs of ageing which, when addressed, can completely rejuvenate their appearance.

Face lift surgery can make you look younger in different ways. Face lift surgery comes in many forms, from a composite to lower face lift, each procedure addressing different ageing concerns. If you’re not sure if a face-lift can address your ageing concerns, read on for the five different ways  a facelift can help turn back the clock.

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Nose Shaping Surgery

Are you looking to increase the symmetry of your face, create more balanced features, remove deviations caused by birth defects or injuries, or resolve breathing obstructions? A nose job surgery can address these concerns. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories – a Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty.

Before making a decision on a particular nose job procedure, I make sure I help my patients understand what these surgeries are and what’s right for them:

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Cool Mini - Chin Fat Removal Sydney

Tired of covering up your double chin with scarves? You can now beat smaller areas of fat thanks to the arrival of CoolMini at the Eden Institute – the very latest technology from CoolSculpting®.

Scientifically proven, CoolMini uses controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Why CoolMini?

CoolSculpting’s CoolMini is an extension of the breakthrough non-surgical treatment that can be as effective as liposuction but without any of the usual complications. The CoolMini applicator enables us to treat smaller areas of unwanted fat with little to no downtime.
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How to make sure you get natural looking lip fillersLately, it seems many people think ‘bigger is better’ when it comes to their lips. However, this too often results in ‘trout pouts’ and ‘fish lips’!

When done right, lip fillers and lip enhancements help your face look more youthful and rejuvenated. At the Eden Institute, we follow three steps to make you get the most natural looking lips based on your specific needs and desires.

Tip #1: Bigger isn’t always better

People often think that lip enhancement is just about making lips bigger, but it’s important to consider the patient’s unique needs and facial structure to achieve balance. For example, focusing on creating a more symmetrical lip is an effective way to create a fuller looking lip without the enhancement being too obvious. A patient’s face shape, jaw structure and current lip size must be taken into account when considering the desired outcome.

Tip #2: It’s not just about the lips themselves

Another trick to creating natural looking lip fillers extends beyond the lips themselves. Fine lines and wrinkles occur around the lips with age, and these can contribute to a thinner looking lip. Smoothing out this area using muscle relaxants and dermal fillers creates more definition in the lip and a youthful look.

Tip #3: Not everyone requires the same filler

At the Eden Institute, we have different dermal fillers available for lip enhancement. For example, some of our fillers are softer than others and others have longer lasting results than more temporary options. We offer our patients a wide selection  because we know every patient has different needs and desired outcome, and different fillers serve different functions. Choosing the best dermal filler is an art and a science, which we excel at. There is not only a difference in which filler we choose, but the art of injecting means that not all injectors are the same! During a one-to-one consultation our trained staff can help inform you about the different dermal filler options we have available and the ones that best suits your desired look.

If you’re considering lip enhancement and are unsure about which filler or treatment option would best suit your needs, contact us on (02) 8814 5800 for an individual consultation to make sure you have all the support you need.