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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Breast Reduction Surgery For Women SydneyAs a surgeon, I love being able to help restore my patients’ self-confidence and quality of life. For some of those patients, overly large breasts impact their health and happiness every day.

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4 Steps To Younger Looking Hands

Investing in quality skincare and treatments helps to prevent premature ageing on your face, but have you forgotten your hands? Your hands can give away your age more than any other body part, and they are constantly exposed to the elements.

It’s time to start taking care of your hands the same way you do your face. Here are 4 steps to keeping your hands smooth and wrinkle-free:

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MediSpa Facial Peels and  Cosmetic Injections for Glowy SkinWith the festive season fast approaching, now’s the time to book in for quick, effective skin treatments that will have you glowing throughout the party season, straight into the new year. Dull skin? Lines and wrinkles? Uneven skin tone? We’ve got you covered.


GREAT FOR TARGETING: Uneven skin tone, acne scars, sunspots and dry skin

For the ultimate skin fix, try a facial peel to boost hydration, reduce breakouts and minimise enlarged pores. At Eden, we only use medical-grade facial peels, to feed your skin with smart, active ingredients that make a difference. As we are a specialist surgery clinic, we are able to tailor peels to target your specific skin concerns, delivering instantly visibly results. We can customise, combine, and alternate various medical-grade facial peels to revive and reinvigorate a dull, lacklustre complexion.

TREATMENT TIME: 30-40 minutes

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Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Facial ageing takes form through three types of changes on our complexion – sagging skin, loss of volume and uneven skin tone. With a host of facial rejuvenation options available, navigating the realms of anti-ageing can be overwhelming and confusing. How do you know which treatment will best address your concerns? Do you need a face lift or will non-surgical treatments achieve the same results you’re after? This rough guide below can act as your starting point. Ultimately, a one-on-one consultation with me will best determine what the right approach is for you.
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The Latest In Plastic SurgeryDr Mark Edinburg is the Medical Director of the Eden Institute, with over 20 years of experience in the plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery industry. Every year, he attends the ASAPS (Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) conference to keep abreast of the latest industry trends. Here, Dr Edinburg shares his experience on what’s going on in the industry and what it could mean to you! I attend the ASAPS (Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) conference every year – it’s one of the few times Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons get to meet each other in Australia. It was such a valuable few days. We got to meet global experts to discuss the latest Plastic Surgery trends and innovations, and also speak amongst ourselves, to exchange ideas and share advice After many years of attending these conferences, there aren’t many new techniques I’m unaware of. However, it was really valuable discussing the finer aspects of more complicated surgeries, both with overseas experts and local colleagues. Here are the latest practitioner updates from the 2015 ASAPS conference: FAT TRANSFERS: I spent a day in a masterclass on fat transfers, which are considered a new ‘trend’ in plastic surgery. From my experience, Fat transfers are in the early stages of development and research, and the results are unproven, very variable and unreliable. In my practice, I generally recommend fillers or other treatment choices for sagging, wrinkled or tired under-eye areas. Although fat transfers may sound like they could be used for many people, in reality it’s not the most appropriate treatment for most patients.
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Ear Pinning Surgery for ChildrenDoes your child have protruding ears that stick out, are significantly large or out of proportion? Ear pinning surgery may be an option to permanently reposition protruding ears closer to the head, or reduce the size of prominent ears. It’s normal to feel hesitant about altering your child’s appearance through surgery – especially when it’s perceived as a cosmetic procedure for vanity. However, ear pinning surgery is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on children and is extremely common. In fact, you could argue that having your child’s ears pinned back is really reconstructive surgery, designed to restore a feature to its ‘normal’ appearance. Here are 5 things you need to know about ear pinning surgery: 1)    EAR PINNING SURGERY CAN PROVIDE PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS FOR YOUR CHILD Children can be teased or bullied for their prominent ears, which can lead to heightened self-consciousness and negative self-esteem. Ear pinning surgery restores balance and proportion to the ears and face, and these subtle changes make a huge difference to overall facial harmony.  Most children report increased self-confidence after the procedure.
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