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Monthly Archives: September 2015

What We Know About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

At Eden Institute, our patients’ safety is our number one priority. We make every effort to educate our patients, ensuring they are always well-informed.

There has been some industry confusion recently, with many Australians unaware of the differences between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon. Whilst both titles have the word ‘surgeon’, it doesn’t mean both are qualified to perform the same surgical procedures.

Why do I need to understand the difference between a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon?

In Australia, anyone with a medical degree (including GPs) can call themselves a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’.

The use of the term ‘surgeon’ is permitted, as basic training teaches all doctors to cut and stitch. This means that ‘Cosmetic Surgeons’ are legally able to perform major surgical operations like Breast Augmentations and Face Lifts, even if they have no specialist surgical training.

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How To Remove Love Handles

Do you find yourself constantly pinching the belly fat around your hips?

‘Love handles’ is an endearing term used to describe the accumulation of excess fat around the waistline. They’re also known to be one of the toughest areas of the body for losing weight.

So many patients complain that despite eating well and exercising regularly, the stubborn fat in this area simply won’t budge.

The good news is there are options – surgical and non-surgical – that can help you lose the love handles for good. So how do you know which treatment is right for you?

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Meet George, a 61-year-old patient who came to see Dr Edinburg for Neck Lift Surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery

GEORGE’S STORY: Whilst usually not concerned over things of a cosmetic nature, George was always wary of his “turkey neck”, which had developed throughout the years and eventually became the only thing he could see when he looked into the mirror. George often found himself shaking his head from side to side just to watch the way his neck would wobble in the reflection.

Neck Lift Surgery Dr Edinburg: “When I first met George, it was a few years back and he had come to see me for a minor procedure. At the time George did raise the issue of his neck and wanted to know what I could do to help improve the situation. I recommended a Neck Lift and immediately George dismissed the idea.

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 Face lift & Eyelid Surgery

Meet Sarah, a 52-year-old patient who came to see Dr Edinburg for a combination of Face Lift, Upper Eye Lids and Arm Lift Surgery.

SARAH’S STORY: Sarah was getting married and wanted to rejuvenate her look in preparation for her special day. She noticed a few things that were making her look older and tired – essentially she felt like she had lost her vivaciousness.

 Face lift - Before & After Surgery

 Face lift & Eye Lid Surgery Sydney

DR EDINBURG: “During my consultation with Sarah, I was able to understand what her concerns were. Her big day was coming up and it’s only natural she wanted to look her best. I recommended Face Lift Surgery along with Upper Eye Lids Surgery to refresh and lift her facial features, restoring that youthful look she was after.

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