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Monthly Archives: June 2015

 Dermal Fillers for Natural Looking Fuller Lips

Our lips are a key defining feature on our face but just like our other facial features; they too can lose shape, fullness and become less defined as we age. Over time, lips tend to flatten out, become longer and the cupid’s-bow can start to fade. Winkles and lines may also start to form around the sides and corners of the mouth, amplifying the ageing effects.

To fill out thin lips, cosmetic injections like Lip Fillers are the best choice for restoring shape, volume and fullness to your pout. They may also be combined with Wrinkle Relaxers to smooth out any fine lines near the lip area.

At Eden Institute, we are excited to introduce a new innovative range of soft Dermal Lip Fillers that’s designed to target thin lips and provide customised softness for natural-looking youthful results.

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Breast Reduction at Eden Sydney

When it comes to breast size, bigger is not always necessarily better.

Overly large breasts that are disproportionate to a small body frame can cause a lot of issues and overall discomfort for women. From physical issues like backaches and neck pain to limitations on clothing choices, everyday activities and to an effect on your self-confidence, there are many struggles that can come from having excessively large breasts.

So how do you know if Breast Reduction Surgery is right for you?

Below are four potential reasons why I may recommend a Breast Reduction:


Having large breasts means having to carry a lot of excess breast weight. This can often lead to physical discomfort for many including back and neck pain as well as shoulder problems from bra straps. Sometimes the pain can even extend to the arms and cause headaches. Big breasts can also cause excessive sweating and an increased likelihood of developing rashes and infections in the folds underneath the breasts. A Breast Reduction can help to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by heavy breasts including the symptoms mentioned above.


Whilst big breasts can be the envy of many, for some women, having overly large breasts means great limitations on the kinds of clothing they can wear. Certain staple wardrobe items like button-down shirts, blazers and swimsuits are often designed for standard clothing sizes and women with huge breasts can find it troublesome to buy good fitting cuts that are both flattering for their shape and doesn’t seek to accentuate unwanted attention to their chests. A Breast Reduction can help to improve proportion and balance to your body figure, lessening the restrictions to your clothing choices.

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Skin Needling ( Derma Stamp)

Uneven skin texture or skin tone is a top concern for many people. It affects one’s confidence and sometimes even makeup can’t help to disguise the condition. The good news is there is a non-invasive treatment designed to address these frustrations and it works!

Whether you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, scarring or simply just frustrated with having a dull and lacklustre complexion, Dermastamp (also known as Skin Needling/Collagen Induction Therapy) may be a suitable treatment to look into.

Here are 5 things to know about Skin Needling:

1. Skin needling promotes collagen and elastin production
Skin Needling is a non-surgical treatment that’s designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production to help improve skin texture and skin tone. The Dermastamp Skin Needling device utilises very fine needles to create micro punctures on the surface of the skin, delivering active and stimulating ingredients to revitalise the complexion. Results can help improve your skin for the long term.

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Sydney

Laser Skin treatments are fantastic for targeting issues like uneven skin texture, mild acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. However optimal results don’t just stop once the procedure is complete. What you do AFTER Laser Skin treatment is equally important to ensure your results are prolonged.

Here are 4 ways to maintain and maximise your Laser Skin Treatment:


Our treatments are medical grade, so the effects and changes are in line with this quality of treatment. As a result, after your laser skin treatment, ensure your skin is adequately protected and avoid any form of sun exposure. Failure to do so can increase your risks of getting hyperpigmentation – something you want to prevent considering all the money and time you are investing into your skin health. When you do go outdoors, bring a wide brimmed hat with you and wear a medical-grade physical sunscreen every day.

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Plastic Surgery For Men Sydney

Yes they can and in fact, more of them are.

Traditionally, people often associate cosmetic surgery with something only women are interested in but nowadays, increasingly more men are keen to maintain a youthful look as well. I have had quite a few male patients come see me for a wide array of cosmetic procedures and for different reasons too. However most of the time, just like my female patients, they have the same goals – that is, to look younger, look their best and feel more confident. Interestingly for some, it’s also about maintaining a competitive edge in their work place so that they can compete with the younger looking guys.

Ultimately whatever your reason is, my job is to ensure you are well informed prior to any procedure and that you are 100% comfortable with your decision. Below, I’ve listed some of the most popular male cosmetic procedures I’ve seen in my practice.


A lot of male patients simply want a quick refresh on their facial features and they’re looking to reduce some of the wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet that may have popped up over time. Cosmetic Injections like Wrinkle Relaxers and Dermal Fillers are great for tackling these concerns – they’re non-invasive, quick and effective. From one treatment, you will notice smoother skin and reduced lines. Of course, to maintain results, you will need to continue treatments.

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