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Monthly Archives: May 2015


Breast Implants Sydney - MythsBreast Enlargement is one of the most popular and frequently performed Plastic Surgery procedures. Interestingly it is also the one that stirs up the most myths and misconceptions. With all the information out there, it’s very easy to be misinformed by unreliable sources.

Here Dr Edinburg debunks the top 3 breast implant myths – find out if they are true or false below:

MYTH 1: Breast implants will never look natural

Dr Edinburg: “False. Natural-looking breast enlargement results are definitely attainable. It comes down to picking the most suitable breast implants that are proportionate to your body. I always communicate with my patients to fully understand what their goals are and then I recommend the best approach for producing noticeable results that look natural and tasteful. The surgeon’s experience and credentials also play a part so make sure you are going to a suitably qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience, with proven results they can show you (before and afters etc.). There are lots of things you don’t know about that I can guide you with – like I only use top-of-the-line implants (did you know there are different makes available and not all the same?), which type of implant to use, where to place the implant (we need to create a pocket for this implant and so your Plastic Surgeon needs to bring both artistic skills and technical skills to your operating table).”

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 MediSpa Sydney

With so many advancements in the realm of anti-ageing, the question is which treatment is right for you? How do you know what medical-grade treatments are available? Our expert Eden team reveals all…

FROM STACEY – Eden Cosmetic Registered Nurse

“If it’s fine lines and wrinkles that concern you, there are many options available to help turn back the years. In most cases it is a combination of our treatments that will give you the most impressive, seamless and long lasting results.

If you are specifically worried about expression lines between the brows, around the eyes and on the forehead, then I would recommend Anti-Wrinkle Injections as they work best to relax the facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to appear in the first place. Small amounts can also be used in the lower face to relax overactive muscles.

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Dr Edinburg Reveals Secrets To Getting A Better Body 

Body Surgery - Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Surgery

As we officially settle into the winter months, this makes for the ideal time to look into body sculpting procedures that will prepare you for a confident spring summer ahead. At Eden Institute, we understand that each patient is different and so too are your concerns. Here, Dr Edinburg has the answers to your top four body questions…

Q: “No matter how hard I diet or exercise, I just can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn fat that’s on my thighs, stomach and love handles. Is liposuction my only option?”

Dr Edinburg: Liposuction is an option to consider or you may also be a good candidate for a non-surgical alternative. At Eden we offer both Liposuction and CoolSculpting, a permanent fat reduction treatment that involves no surgery and minimal downtime. How it works is, a vacuum-like applicator is placed on your area of concern e.g. your thighs or stomach and a controlled cooling process begins, where your fat cells are then ‘frozen’. Eventually these frozen cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body over the next few months. The best part is – once the fat cells are treated, the fat’s gone for good. Results are very noticeable and you can see a reduction in fat after one treatment.”

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Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

With any surgery there will always be a recovery period and often how you take care of yourself during this time frame can significantly impact final treatment outcomes. Naturally depending on the patient and procedure, specific post-surgery care and recovery instructions will differ.

Here, Dr Edinburg shares his top 4 general tips on how to make your surgery recovery as comfortable and manageable as possible to help you get back to feeling like your usual self sooner.

1.     Follow your Plastic Surgeon’s specific post-operation instructions

Dr Edinburg: “Different surgeries have different recovery times and expectations however the most important thing is to listen to expert advice and follow recommended instructions. For example, most surgeries have an initial recovery period of a week where the patient should be resting (talk to me about how much) and the bandages or wound dressings need to be looked after a certain way (think about any injury- you usually have some bruising and swelling afterwards while the healing simultaneously starts- the principles after surgery are no different). After the initial recovery period, normal work can usually be resumed but more strenuous activities should be delayed for as long as your surgeon has advised. It may seem inconvenient at first, especially if you feel capable, but if you are going to work with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to achieve a high standard of both surgical and cosmetic outcomes, he needs your partnering to give your body the best chances of achieving the best possible result.”

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Neck Lift Surgery Sydney

We are often so caught up analysing the wrinkles on our face that we simply forget the signs of ageing that creep up on our neck and décolletage. The skin on the neck is one of the first places where wrinkles show, but one of the last places people think to treat. The truth is, you can go for a Face Lift Surgery or have other Facial Rejuvenation Treatments but if you don’t address what’s below the chin, you will end up with unnatural looking results overall.

Ultimately? Treat your neck like the face. After all, the same skin and ageing issues you have for your face can also occur for the neck area. Think discolouration, wrinkles, saggy loose skin and extra fatty deposits. Eventually a build-up of these ageing signs can lead to the much dreaded turkey wattle neck!

Neck Lift Surgery can help you stave off these ageing indicators and leave you with a more youthful neck contour. Instead of hiding underneath scarves and turtlenecks, you’ll gain the confidence to wear any neckline without feeling self-conscious.

Here are three 3 to know about Neck Lift Surgery:

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Are you looking for a non-invasive solution to ageing skin?

Eden Institute is delighted to introduce Platelet Rich PlasmaPRP Treatment to our MediSpa services, a versatile medical treatment that can help to restore a youthful tone, texture and firmness to your skin.

PRP treatment is the latest technology in skin rejuvenation and involves utilising your body’s own cells and repair resources to invigorate the skin.

Targeting the growth factors found in your own body, this one-of-a-kind, quick and simple treatment works to stimulate new collagen and hyaluronic acid, two vital ingredients for effective anti-ageing.

PRP can be used in multiple areas for dermal rejuvenation and is particularly great for targeting crepe skin, fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, dull, dry skin and uneven skin tone and texture.


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Have you spent countless hours in the gym trying to rid yourself those love handles but to no avail?

Whether it’s the saggy arms that’s stopping you from wearing singlets or the belly fat that makes wearing tight jeans a pain, it can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening when that stubborn bulge just refuses to move even with all our committed efforts in diet and exercise.

Many patients assume that the only solution to this problem is Liposuction – which can be true for some, depending on your characteristics. However did you know that there is also a new non-surgical option available to help you tackle those fat bulges? It’s called CoolSculpting – there is no surgery involved, minimal downtime and it actually works!

Here are 5 things you need to know before you try CoolSculpting.

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