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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Most of the time when we’re looking to have some “work done” we want it to transform our look but only in the most subtle ways. Recently in the news there have been several reports of Hollywood celebrities and their “changing faces”, resulting in an almost unrecognisable look by the public post cosmetic surgery.

There is an art to looking “well-rested and refreshed” without changing your appearance completely. So how do you avoid the typical Hollywood overdone look?

What It Looks Like If You’ve Done Too Much

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As technology and procedures have improved drastically over the last few decades, more and more people have turned to Plastic Surgery for a little nip and tuck. From the smallest of operations to the more significant, these days Plastic Surgery can transform one’s appearance in subtle but effective ways.

But for many, Plastic Surgery seems like the answer to all their prayers; a simple solution to enhance life in every way and it is this lax approach that lands so many people in trouble.

Take, for example, the case of South Korea where the industry is flourishing but is fast becoming a minefield for those wanting a quick-fix. A recent article by* reports that South Korea’s 5 billion dollar plastic surgery industry is facing a tremendous backlash, with formal complaints about botched procedures and dodgy doctors doubling in 2013 from 2012.

Through the personal tales of women who have undergone plastic surgery in South Korea, the article gives us horrific insight into the dangers that are waiting at every turn.

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Roll on summer and the holiday season – a time of celebration and setting of new year’s resolutions. What better time to consider a refresh to help take you through the summer with confidence.

No two faces are the same and none of us age the same either. But, one thing is for sure – the ability to refresh and rejuvenate either non-surgically, surgically or in combination has never been more accessible to us all with tried, trusted, safe and proven techniques.

Dr Edinburg and his team offer you the very best options for facial rejuvenation targeting fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging and volume loss as well as pigmentation. The extensive range of non-surgical treatments including injectables and laser rejuvenation as well as short surgical procedures are all designed to suit your individual needs.

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Looking beautiful and fresh-faced isn’t just for the young anymore.

An article by WFMZ* reports of 60 year old fit model Helen Powers seeking Face Lift Surgery to tackle the unwanted changes she started seeing on her face. Whilst Helen was very happy with her body figure, she did notice that the sides of her face had started to sag.

Interestingly, Helen is among the growing number of older women and men choosing Plastic Surgery as means to refresh and rejuvenate their appearance. At Eden, we are also observing a similar trend.

As we age, there is no doubt that our facial features will start to change. In your 30s-40s, generally lines and wrinkles can become more obvious. As you approach your 50s-60s, you may start to notice a loss in facial volume and shape as well as a change in the quality of your skin. Wrinkles and lines are often more defined and you may see sagging of the facial skin, jowls and neck.

If you have these concerns and would like to restore more youthfulness to your face, a Face Lift Surgery may be suitable.

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