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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Breast Surgery For Men – It Exists


When it comes to Plastic Surgery for breasts, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is usually Breast Enlargement or Breast Reduction for women.

However, DID YOU KNOW that men can benefit from Breast Surgery as well?

Whilst most men may not be looking into Breast Augmentation anytime soon, many are opting for Plastic Surgery to correct the appearance of enlarged male breasts (Gynaecomastica) or otherwise known as ‘man boobs’.

Enlarged breasts are a common condition for a lot of men, which may be caused by various factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, anabolic steroids or weight gain. It can occur in one or both breasts. Often, the resulting fatty deposits at the chest are resistant to diet and exercise which is why more men are having the excess breast tissue surgically removed.

At Eden Institute, we often have male patients coming in to see Dr Edinburg for Male Breast Reduction Surgery.

So how does the surgery work?

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These days, we are so inundated with the number of reality make-over shows on television that, just by flicking through the channels you’re bound to come across a program promising everyday people a whole new physical appearance.

Botched is the new series to add to the list, featuring two Cosmetic Surgeons who seeks to correct Plastic Surgery disasters on selected patients. As reported in The Atlantic*, the premise of Botched is nothing new but the message behind this reality show can be very significant – that is, Plastic Surgery is a serious medical procedure and should be treated as such. Moreover, WHO you go to is KEY.

Dr. Edinburg has observed the escalating trend of people jumping too quickly into Cosmetic Surgery without doing the right research. He can’t stress enough that patients need to be aware of the clinics they’re visiting and whether or not they have properly accredited owners and operators, no matter how big or small the procedure may be.

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We all know that the differences between men and women are a never ending list. However did you ever think that one of the biggest differences would be the way we recover from surgery?

Daily Rx* reported a recent study, revealing that whilst men are more likely to experience pain after a major surgery, women tend to feel more pain after a minor surgery.

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A professional Plastic Surgeon should not only be skilled at the surgery he or she is performing, but just as important is that they ensure the patients suitability for the surgery in the first place. It is vital for patients to go into a surgery with realistic expectations of results as well as the procedure itself.

A recent article from HCP Live* revealed a growing Cosmetic Surgery trend of patients seeking procedures to emulate the look of a particular celebrity. We are constantly subjected to retouched and unrealistic images of celebrities and models, putting more pressure than ever before on men and women to look their best.

In the article, Robert T Grant MD explains that a common example is women who bring in photographs of a celebrity and point out a particular body part they want, like Michelle Obama’s arms or Beyonce’s derriere. Subsequently, these patients expect the surgeon to create an exact replica – regardless of whether or not they require the surgery in the first place and if it’s a suitable choice for their body frame and characteristics.

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It’s more than likely that every day you spend a good deal of time having your chin tilted down, glaring at a smart phone or tablet.

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