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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Two weeks ago, Dr Edinburg travelled to Moscow to attend the International ISAPS Conference for Cosmetic Surgery where he relished the opportunity to hear from other Plastic Surgeons from all over the world.
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We’re thrilled to welcome Stacey, our NEW Specialist Cosmetic Registered Nurse to the team at the Eden Institute of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

To celebrate, we are offering a FREE Advanced Skin Analysis and 20% off treatments every Tuesday and Thursday, until 11th July 2014. (Limits apply. This is a limited offer.)

This offer is only open to Eden’s MediSpa Treatments which include Cosmetic Injections (Wrinkle Relaxers and Dermal Fillers), Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Medical-Grade Skincare Treatments.

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The advent of social media has resulted in the rise of ‘selfies’ popping up on our screens on a daily basis. Taking a quick snap of your face or outfit and sharing it has become the norm but the new selfie trend may just surprise you!

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Last week we looked into the top potent vitamins in skincare, including Vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Naturally, beauty companies worldwide have taken the approach of incorporating more of these nutrient rich vitamins in their products – ranging from skincare to hair care and cosmetics – to enhance skin function and promote anti-ageing.

However with all the abundance of products out there, we often question if there is any difference as to where you buy your skincare? Are all Vitamin A’s the same and if not, which products of Vitamin A should you be buying? Whilst having diverse choices is a good thing, the vast array of skincare products on the market can be quite overwhelming for the everyday consumer nonetheless.

For example, it’s important to note that there are many different grades, dosages, and combination of Vitamins used in skincare. Some products have low concentrations, are of poor quality and are in combination with ‘fillers’ to make the product smell nice and feel beautiful. Whilst these products give a ‘fluffy’ feeling of wellbeing, they do not necessarily deliver the best quality on the market and give you the best outcomes.

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As society becomes increasingly more health conscious, people are spending more time taking care of their diet and exercise. Accordingly, it is quite common for many to be taking health supplements such as Vitamin C or multivitamins for an added boost in wellbeing.

Naturally, taking vitamins orally on a regular basis can produce beneficial effects on the skin but did you know that certain vitamins used topically can also work as potent ingredients to combat the signs of ageing?

Here are the top 5 vitamins you need to know about!
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We are all too familiar with the term “tuck-shop arms” in reference to that unsightly flap that hinders our ability to wear strapless dresses with utter confidence. Sometimes despite sticking to a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine, the weight near a specific area e.g. arms just won’t budge.
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