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Monthly Archives: May 2014


If you are interested in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery and would like to achieve the best outcomes possible, this article is a must-read. Here are the five most common mistakes people make when choosing to go under the knife, and how you can avoid them.

Not doing your research

Ensure you do a thorough background check into your surgeon and that he or she has the right credentials, and don’t limit your resources – you shouldn’t choose a surgeon purely based on social media reviews, a couple of photos or even worse, based purely on the price. Be sure to research your surgery, what it entails, and if there are other alternatives or options, as some surgeons may not mention particular procedures to you if they don’t perform them themselves. Testimonials and before and after images also make for a great reference.

Going Overseas

You may have heard stories or seen photographs of women or men that have travelled overseas to gain surgery at a bargain cost. While some results are very good, there have been many cases where the surgery has been careless, due to factors such as language barriers, limited support, shorter or no consultations, Surgeons not accredited according to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) standards, and little responsibility on the surgeon’s behalf. Going under the knife overseas is a very risky decision and may end up costing you a lot more to have the surgery fixed, with vary varying final outcomes. It is not always easy to replicate the high standards set by our Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia.

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Cosmetic Surgery is commonly associated with altering a person’s features or body in order to enhance their aesthetic appeal. We often hear of people who have had Breast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks, Mummy Makeovers and Wrinkle Relaxers however one of the lesser known procedures is Eyelid Surgery.  Rejuvenating the eyelid drastically changes the appearance of the surrounding area of your eyes, transforming the overall look of your face. However interestingly, the benefits can be more than just aesthetic…

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Plastic Surgery demand is at an all time high and interestingly, more people are requesting plastic surgery below the belt. Otherwise known as Labiaplasty, this sometimes Reconstructive and sometimes Cosmetic Surgery aims to change female genitals and has drastically increased in demand over the past few years. Continue reading


Earlier this week, we looked at some common Plastic Surgery myths and divulged the truth on some popular beliefs. Today we look into debunking some more for you!


Plastic Surgery is only for the rich and famous.


Plastic Surgery is definitely no longer an option only reserved for celebrities and the super wealthy. Plastic Surgeons today offer a wide range of procedures and treatments that help people achieve a younger-looking appearance – the days of only famous people accessing these treatments are long gone. Today our surgery is filled with people like you and me, and the range of procedures available, both surgical and non-surgical are affordable at many different levels. Additionally, some procedures qualify for Medicare and Health Fund Rebates. However that is not to say that looking for a bargain should be your priority – selecting an experienced and highly qualified Plastic Surgeon is key to ensuring optimal and safe outcomes. Remember – we often get what we pay for. Continue reading


There are many people out there who are interested in Plastic Surgery but are either put off by stories they hear or are concerned because they interpret popular myths as the truth. Additionally there are also patients who do not set realistic expectations due to being misinformed and as a result, are disappointed when results do not reflect what was promised. With the wealth of information out there, it can be very confusing for the everyday person to dissect and distinguish clearly between what’s hype and what’s the truth.

Here we debunk 5 popular Plastic Surgery myths for you:


After having Breast Lift Surgery, my breasts will stay in that uplifted and perky position forever.


Nothing is forever and whilst a Breast Lift can improve the appearance and position of your existing breasts, do note that your breasts will still continue to age as normal and are subject to drooping in the future. The only difference is they have a new starting point- you never lose what you have gained.

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If you were told that Cosmetic Injections could help treat depression, would it tempt you to sign up straight away?

A recent study by the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports interesting results from a randomised, placebo-controlled trial. It was revealed that Muscle Relaxers used to restrict the facial muscles responsible for frowning was effective in relieving clinical depression. Amongst the 33 patients tested, 52% of the candidates saw a decline of at least 50% from the baseline in Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale, a figure that was calculated six weeks post treatment.

Whilst a furrowed brow is not the cause of depression, research from the study above certainly sheds interesting light on how facial expressions can seemingly affect mood. Past studies have also indicated that forcing smiles can lead to substantial mood improvements.

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