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The Eden Institute will support the fight to have the Medicare rebate on abdominoplasty reinstated.

Earlier this year, the Department of Health removed the ability for people to claim costs for a ‘tummy tuck’ unless the person has experienced massive weight loss. Even in these cases there will be extremely difficult criteria. Continue reading “BRING BACK TUMMY TUCK REBATE” »

Eden Institute_Cosmetic Injections SydneyTextural changes occur in the skin due to many factors including ageing, hormonal changes, smoking, weather and general skin care. When these changes occur there are several options available for treatment depending on skin type, budget and available downtime. It is also important to remember the skin is an organ so it needs time to repair and more than one treatment to maintain beautiful results. Continue reading “WHAT ARE THE BEST PROFESSIONAL OPTIONS FOR TEXTURAL SKIN CONCERNS” »

Eden Institute_Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryHorror stories of botched cosmetic procedures by untrained beauticians are on the rise.

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission recently issued warnings after a rise in the number of complaints about backyard procedures being undertaken by practitioners who are unqualified or unregistered in Australia.

Director of The Eden Institute, Dr Mark Edinburg said it is illegal for a non-registered practitioner to undertake the procedures involving skin penetration and administration of Schedule 4 prescription-only medication to ‘improve’ appearance.

Dr Edinburg said it was imperative for patients to choose a qualified practitioner who is trained and experienced in cosmetic procedures.

“Under Australian law, any doctor with a basic medical degree can perform surgery but only a specialist Plastic Surgeon has the extensive surgical education and training including a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training,” Dr Edinburg said.

“All surgical procedures carry risk, but you can reduce the chance of risk and complication by consulting a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is trained, qualified and accredited to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

“In the end, a botched cosmetic procedure will cost you much more both financially, emotionally and aesthetically.

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Cool EventLast week we had a fantastic time last time at our CoolSculpting Cool Event at The Eden Institute. A wide selection of education and information was provided, explaining what CoolSculpting (fat freezing) is all about and why it’s a great non-surgical alternative for fat reduction. Continue reading “A COOL NIGHT OUT” »

EDEN_SKIN CANCERSkin Cancer Surgery Success

Understandably, a skin cancer on the face or lips can be very upsetting for many patients. At Eden, Dr Edinburg treats many people with facial skin cancers each year and most are very concerned about possible disfigurement and scarring.

Dr Edinburg uses his extensive facial reconstructive surgery expertise to achieve the best possible health outcome and aesthetic results for his patients. Dr Edinburg finds great reward in being able to help patients who need reconstructive surgery after skin cancer. Continue reading “EDEN HELPS BRING BACK A SMILE” »