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Textural changes occur in the skin due to many factors including ageing, hormonal changes, smoking, weather and general skin care. When these changes occur there are several options available for treatment depending on skin type, budget and available downtime. It is also important to remember the skin is an organ so it needs time to repair and more than one treatment to maintain beautiful results.

Medical-grade Laser resurfacing, for example Microlaser Peel or Profractional, are ablative lasers that remove thin layers of skin or create channels in the skin allowing fresh cells to grow. When healed this results in healthier looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved colour evenness. Skin must be well prepped prior to treatment so we recommend using medical-grade skincare for 2 weeks prior to treatment depending on your skin type. The main risks with laser treatments are hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), you can expect anywhere from 3 – 7 days downtime with these treatments depending on the depth of treatment. Your skin may have a frosty appearance with redness, peeling and swelling during the following days.  Cost ranges from $750 – $3000 also depending on treatment required. Results will be seen from week 2 – 6 and can be maintained by using medical-grade skincare prescribed specifically for individual needs by a skincare professional.

If you are busy (as most of us are!) and don’t have a lot of downtime available skin needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy) is a great option. This treatment is also more suitable for darker skin tones as there is no heat involved with less risk of complications such as hyperpigmentation.  Skin needling uses microneedles to puncture the surface of the skin. This breaks up the fibrotic scar tissue and the repair process releases numerous growth and healing factors that stimulate new collagen to be deposited under the skin surface.  Immediately after treatment you will be red and look “sunburnt”. This generally will last up to 24 hours though mineral make-up can be applied 4 – 6 hours after treatment. Your skin will feel dry and you may have a little shedding. Post procedure, medical-grade skincare is used to assist in healing and moisturising the skin. Redness is usually settled by 24 hours. Regular treatments 4 – 6 weeks apart are recommended for best results and cost ranges from $400 per treatment.  You can expect to see softer more refined skin in the following weeks after. Again, medical-grade skincare is recommended to maintain results and keep skin looking vibrant.

Image credit - Instagram

Image credit – Instagram


Chemical peels are also an option and a wide range of peels are available. They are generally performed every 6 weeks and stimulate cell growth. Peels can range from superficial to deep and you can expect minimal visual changes with superficial peeling as the skin resurfaces from within. With deeper peeling you can expect some visible redness and shedding of skin which may last from 1 – 5 days. Skin may need to be prepped for 2 weeks prior to treatment depending on the depth of peel.  Chemical peels start from $250. Regular treatments will provide beautiful results.

Medical-grade skincare can be used to change the texture of the skin and with a dedicated skin regime you will see results. Active cleansers and Vitamin A help exfoliate dead cells and stimulate new collagen and elastin production. This will result in a reduction of fine lines and tightening of pores.  Vitamin C and Moisturisers with sun protection help replenish the skin and protect from sun damage. This will give your skin a more soft and vibrant appearance.

These modalities use state of the art technology and require appropriately qualified people to prescribe and manage to get best results.

For further information on the treatments mentioned above, please contact us on  (02) 8814 5800.

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